Berichi Aviation Selected for Brand New Top Hawk from Cessna

by | Mar 10, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Originally Announced by Textron Aviation in Top Hawk 2022

Berichi Aviation has been selected by Cessna as one of the world’s top Cessna Pilot Centers for 2022 due to its excellence in flight training and 100% safety record. The flight school will be taking delivery of the new Top Hawk in March 2022! Top Hawk is leading the way for aviation programs to continue training the next generation of pilots. Top Hawk is a partnership between Textron Aviation and top aviation schools to provide students with access to the world’s most popular trainer, the CESSNA SKYHAWK.

Select universities and Cessna Pilot Centers will participate in Top Hawk to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education. They will receive a factory new, custom branded Cessna Skyhawk to use for the duration of the program to promote aviation at air shows, aviation contests, and recruiting events. Top Hawk aircraft also allow schools to showcase their connection to Textron Aviation’s reputable internship program and support discovery flights and learn to fly programs.

Congratulations to Berichi Aviation for participating in the 2022 Top Hawk program to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education!