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Why Fly Aerobatics?

The ability to recover from any situation in the air is one of the most valuable skills a pilot can have. Not only do aerobatics look amazing and are incredibly fun to perform, it makes pilots safer and more confident. They have seen, and are comfortable with, all aspects of aircraft control, aircraft performance, and aircraft limitations.

As a result of these types of training, flying done by an aerobatic pilot is smoother because of improved coordination and feel for the controls. You’ll learn this precision flying at a high altitude, in an aircraft built to take the stress without breaking a sweat. Our expert instructors are also here to train and prepare you to be a skilled, precise pilot.

Berichi’s Aerobatic Courses


Stall/Spin Recovery


Unusual Attitude Recovery


Basic Aerobatics



Fly The Red Bull Airplane

Extra 300

In order to recover from out-of-control situations, you need to prepare for them. With the Extra 300, pilots can train for Upset Attitude Recovery and achieve High-Performance Endorsements. This unique plane allows our students to walk away from flight school more prepared for commercial employment. The Extra 300 is a strong aircraft with powerful G-loading capabilities that will help you soar.

Aircraft highlights:

Fuel burn

18 gal/hour


180 ktas


Garmin 430, ADS-B, Garmin G5

Smoke System
Airframe stressed to +/- 10

Aerobatic Pilots Love Flying with Berichi

Our extensive connections with the aviation industry has provided our students with a 100% placement rate in careers they love after graduation.

I went for spin training and high performance endorsements and Donnie was my instructor – great guy, very knowledgeable in Aviation in general. He shared a lot of great tips for a new pilot. I would recommend this school 110% for any of your training and endorsement needs.

Will Hill, US Army Officer & Professional Pilot Student

Your Investment

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