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Become a skilled, licensed commercial pilot in as little as 4 months.

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South Florida’s Premier Fleet

Becoming a skilled pilot can be complicated.

If you end up at the wrong flight school you could encounter:


Outdated fleets don’t prepare you to fly modern aircraft in the real world.


Scheduling check rides and upgrades delays your timeline.


Instructors are focused on getting their flight hours instead of being invested in your success.

You deserve a flight school that matches your passion for aviation.

Launch your new career with confidence.

Attend one of the nation’s best flight schools and become a safe and skilled pilot on time and on budget.

Stick to your timeline.

Well-maintained and modern fleet.

Expert instruction from seasoned pilots.

Proven job placement.

Our Other Flight Training Programs

Looking to become a pilot with a commercial airline? Check out our commercial pilot licensing program. Ready to take your flight skills to the next level? Enroll in our Aerobatics training program.

Launch your new career in as little as four months.

The Berichi Flight School Schedule

Phase 1:

Private Pilot

(30 Days)

Phase 2:

Instrument Rated

(21 Days)

Phase 3:

Commercial Pilot

(6 Weeks)

Now Eligible to Fly for Hire

Phase 4:

Multi-Engine Rated

(10 Days)

Phase 5:

Certified Flight Instructor

(30 Days)

Phase 6:

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

(30 Days)

Phase 7:

Multi-Engine Instructor

(10 Days)

Phase 8:

Flying Regional Carrier

(12-15 hundred hours)

Students must complete the Online Ground School Program prior to arrival to be eligible for the 0 to commercial program. Students must arrive with online learning courses completed and be able to commit to a 7 day/week schedule. Part-time student’s completion time vary based on frequency of flight and ability to complete written exams in a timely fashion.

Fly with our sleek modern fleet.

Mother Cuddling Her Baby on a Wooden Top and Laughing at Petite Crew

Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ (SF50) - N777cb

Baby Sleeping in a Cover of Blankets at Petite Crew

2021 Cessna Skyhawk - N676CB

Mother and Baby Hugging While Smiling and Looking at the Camera at Petite Crew

2020 Diamond DA62 - N671CB

Mother Cuddling Her Baby on a Wooden Top and Laughing at Petite Crew

2006 Extra 300L - N627CB

Baby Sleeping in a Cover of Blankets at Petite Crew

Coming Summer 2024

2024 Cirrus SR20 - N305CB

2022 CIRRUS SR20 - N654CB 

Baby Sleeping in a Cover of Blankets at Petite Crew

2023 Cirrus SR22T
- N657CB

Baby Sleeping in a Cover of Blankets at Petite Crew

Coming Summer 2025

2025 Cirrus SR20 - N637CB

Meet your top-tier instructors.

Our seasoned instructors aren’t just former students building hours in the air.

They’re veterans, skilled commercial pilots. Any former students we employ as instructors were at the top of their class and met our rigorous instructor standards.

We’re invested in your success – from enrollment to job placement.

Our extensive connections with the aviation industry has provided our students with a 100% placement rate in careers they love after graduation.

“My biggest concern after finishing flight school was finding a job. During my time at Berichi, I was able to meet Miami Skydive and had a job offer 2 weeks before graduating. I’m so glad I chose Berichi! Couldn’t be happier.”

– Nareg Adourian, Owner of Luxury Air Tours South Florida

Read more about Nareg’s story in Shoutout Miami.

Your future starts now.

Start your training and fast-track your career with Berichi Aviation.

1. Book A Discovery Flight

Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions so that you can make the right decision when it comes to selecting the right flight school for you. Give us a call today if you have any questions.

2. Get a personalized training plan

Our dedicated instructors work with your schedule so that you can reach your goals on time and in your budget. You’ll go from 0 hours to ATP and beyond in no time.

3. Start your career with confidence

Become a safe and proficient pilot. With our 100% placement rate and airline connections, we’ll help you take the stress out of landing your first airline job.

Your Investment

To see pricing on the certification/rating you’re interested in, download Berichi Aviation’s Pricing Sheet below.