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About Berichi Aviation

Berichi Aviation, a fully accredited FAA Part 141 flight school, is the exclusive Cessna Pilot Center at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. We are focused on producing the best and safest pilots, which is reflected in our 100% safety record and 100% job placement rate. We have never had an accident. We are also Veterans Affairs approved and Florida Department of Education approved.

The Flight Instructors at Berichi Aviation are comprised of former U.S. Military, Charter, and the top Professional Flight Instructors in the training industry. The team at Berichi Aviation has created a successful corridor for student pilots to enter a career as a professional pilot with the best training possible, at an affordable cost.

We are partnered/approved with over 50 colleges and universities on handshake throughout the United States, posting jobs and internships for qualified college students and alumni. We are also partnered with two financial institutions that provide loans for our students for all ratings, including housing and living expense stipends.

We are currently the highest paying flight school in South Florida. Thus, after completion of flight training, students are able to work as flight instructors and usually pay back their principal investment in less than 18 months, working as a full-time flight instructor, which is also when they usually reach the 1500 hours of flight time they need to apply to regional airlines.

Berichi Aviation has been featured on the Science Channel flying our Cessna Station Air and on Textron’s Instagram in our new Skyhawks.

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Charlie Berichi

President/Chief Flight Instructor

Charlie Berichi founded Berichi Aviation in 2016 and is still actively involved in the daily operations. He is also a PhD candidate at Florida International University (FIU) with a focus on Aviation Security. Outside of Berichi Aviation, Berichi has taught Comparative Criminal Justice Systems and Introduction to Criminal Justice as an Adjunct Professor at FIU in Miami, FL since 2017. Charlie is a member of AOPA, MMOPA, TBMOPA, and HJOPA, speaking at flight instructor safety seminars, and providing mentorship pilot services in the Honda Jet, Vison Jet, Phenom 300, TBM, and varies other types. Berichi completed his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Master of Public Administration degree at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, where he was elected Student Body Governor of the Boca Raton Campus. Berichi actively instructs and has over 8,000 hours of logged flight time as of 2024.


  • CFI/CFI/MEI Gold Seal
  • Commercial ASES
  • A&P Mechanic

Type Ratings:

  • EMB-505
  • HA-420
  • SF50
  • G-1159 (SIC)

Donnie Ditty

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Donnie Ditty has been working on and around aircraft since 1967. He served as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the US Marine Corps and a Pilot in the US Army. Donnie has his Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics.

  • Airline Transport Pilot (AMEL)
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane Multi Engine
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor ASEL
  • Certified Flight Instructor MEL
  • Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument Airplane

Hunter Ells

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

  • Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane
  • Cirrus Training Center Instructor (TCI)

David Scranton

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

David Scranton has always had a passion for teaching — from instructing flights to teaching consumers about the importance of investing as a Financial Advisor. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Financial Services. David now accumulates his hours of flight time jetting back and forth to manage his companies in Connecticut and Florida.

  • Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine
  • Commercial Pilot Multi Engine
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane

Dr. Jake McKindles

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Dr. Jake McKindles is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor with a background in audiology. He was born and raised in Mesa, AZ and later moved to South Florida to attend Nova Southeastern University. After graduating in 2020, he worked as an audiologist in South Florida before pursuing his true passion for flying.

McKindles obtained his flight training and certifications at Berichi Aviation, where he graduated in the top 5% of his Flight Instructor Class. He holds the following certifications: Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine, Commercial Pilot Multi Engine, Instrument Airplane, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane, and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane.

His exceptional performance and skills led to his selection to join the prestigious Berichi Aviation Instructional Team. As a flight instructor, Dr. McKindles is responsible for training and guiding aspiring pilots in their journey towards becoming licensed pilots.

Chris Atkins

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Chris Atkins has always had aviation in his blood. When he was 9 years old he first took the controls of his Dad’s Bellanca Super Viking. He officially started flight training when he was 16 years old while attending a military boarding high school in Front Royal, Virginia. Upon graduating high school he was recruited to play baseball at The Citadel in Charleston, SC where he got the chance to play for a nationally ranked Division 1 baseball team winning the Southern Conference Championship 2 times. In military college he developed leadership skills with strong abilities in self discipline, honor, time management, organization, and teamwork.

Chris has an extensive background in aviation. He achieved his ATP and served as a First Officer at Envoy Airlines, navigating the skies aboard the Embraer 145. His experience extends beyond the airlines and into the private sector where he has contributed his skills to Part 135 operations. As a seasoned pilot Chris has logged flight hours on 4 continents and in 36 different countries. One of his most remarkable flights was a transatlantic crossing in the single engine Cirrus SR22, embarking from Cape Town, South Africa, continuing through all of Africa, Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, before concluding the journey in West Palm Beach, FL. Outside the cockpit, he enjoys boating, scuba diving, snowboarding, and any outdoor activities. Chris resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his wife and 2 Frenchies where he continues to explore the skies and pursue his passion for adventure.

Alexander Llewellyn

Instructor In Charge (INC) | FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Alexander, a native of South Florida, developed a deep love for aviation that led him to his true vocation. Transitioning from a thriving career in construction management, he found his calling in the skies. With over 2000 flight hours under his belt, more than 800 of which were spent navigating his complex high-performance Mooney across the skies from Georgia to Pennsylvania, Alexander brings a wealth of experience and boundless enthusiasm to his position as a Certified Flight Instructor at Berichi Aviation. Committed to creating a supportive and invigorating learning atmosphere, he empowers students to chase their aviation aspirations with confidence. Alexander completed his MULTI ENGINE COMMERCIAL ADD-ON, CFI, and CFI-I ADD-ON with Chief Instructor Berichi and has been a top instructor at Berichi Aviation for years.

Dr. Thomas Correa

Progress Check Instructor

  • Learjet Instructor
  • 135 Charter Captain

Daniel Diamond

Progress Check Instructor

Daniel Diamond has loved flying since he was a teenager, flying remote control planes and helicopters as a hobby. He started training in college, and shortly after received his wings. Daniel has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialty in Aviation Management.

  • ATP
  • ADX
  • A&P/IA
  • sUAS
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane

Richard Sack

Fort Lauderdale Tower Manager

Richard Sack has been flying safely since 1985 and is a Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI, and a Cirrus Standardized instructor pilot CSIP. Rich has type ratings in the CE500 series, C525, CL30, and LRJT. He joined the FAA in 1989 and has worked for 33 years as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in South Florida, including PMP, FXE, and MIA ATCTs, and is presently the Air Traffic Manager for FLL ATCT.

Berichi Aviation in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the best commercial pilot training school in the USA—hands down. Berichi Aviation is the only school in South Florida that I could find with a 100% safety record. When you get there, you quickly see why. When I was there, they had 8 airplanes and 10 instructors. The operation is not too big so it doesn’t have the faults that large corporate schools are like factories where every student is just a number. Berichi Aviation has a solid reputation of new aircraft and “cream of the crop” flight Instructors that provide tons of individual attention. Highly recommended, check them out.

– Liane M.

Everyone at Berichi was 100% professional and ready to make my experience the best it could be. I flew from moments after takeoff till base to final. I definitely got my money’s worth and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you’re looking for an awesome atmosphere to train in with professional pilots around you then there’s no other place you need to look. Fly Berichi!

– Dooder P.

I found Berichi after another flight school had issues scheduling me within my time frame. I’m glad I did! I was able to start immediately. All of their instructors are career CFI’s, and this was appealing to me as you are learning from high time pilots with real-life experience, not pilots looking to build time. All of the costs were initially outlined before I started the training and I was happy with how close we came to the estimated cost of training. I highly recommend training at Berichi Aviation. I plan to complete my instrument rating with them and will rent their aircraft.

– Matthew G.

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